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The Czech Ukulele Festival is back again!

The fun packed summer festival that makes you enjoy at music in a different way, relax, smile and dance – with your ukulele.

Three days of ukulele-led fun that starts on Friday the 26th of July and finishes on Sunday the 28th. On Friday the 26th of July the festival will open at the "Na Hradbách" beer garden on the historical fortifications of Vyšehrad in Prague, offering beer, sun and great views of the city of Prague.

Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th of July offer two full days of concerts and workshops at the legendary Únětice brewery in the Northern outskirts of Prague.

A music festival like no other - if you want a fun musical event to set off the summer, then this is the choice for you. If you have never been to the Ukulele festival, then now is the time to throw away your preconceptions.

You will laugh, dance and even play-along on the ukulele after your crash course to master the basics. However, most of all you will smile, you will wear the guaranteed ukulele smile that everyone catches when watching, listening and just taking it all in.

Come and listen to old friends of the festival such as Dead Mans Uke, masters of the Dum Ching style of rabble rousing stomp, PPNOU from Poland with their hilarious renderings of 1980´s pop, Prague Ukulele Band will play everything from Smetana to Japanese disco, you can rock along with Brno's Ukulele Troublemakers, you can dance with the Polynesian Hula dancers Avei Varu Polynesia, and finally be amazed with the ukulele acrobats Barada Street, and of course - ukulele clowns, who will perform on Sunday afternoon.

A truly international event that attracts fun loving visitors from all over the world. Come and join us in the famous brewery of Únětice – remember, a smile is guaranteed.

Program & performers


Please note, that apart from the absolute beginners workshops, you will be expected to bring your own instrument to play at the workshops, or tell us in advance.


Block 1  |  10:30 – 11:30

1. Christopher Davis-Shannon: Clawhammer (EN only)

Learn how to adapt an old time banjo technique to ukulele (High G recommended). We’ll break down the basics of the clawhammer style and learn a simple arrangement of ‚Cornbread and butterbeans‘. If you can play a G major chord then you’re all set for this workshop!

Level: All levels
Price: 350 CZK

2. Ondřej Šarek: Dueta pro ukulele (CZ only)

Na workshopu zahrajeme několik duet různé úrovně. Předvedeme si, jak hrát druhý hlas k melodii. Budeme ho hrát na prázdných strunách, v první poloze anebo vysoko na hmatníku. A když nám to půjde, můžeme vystoupit na open mic. Skladby jsou upravené pro ukulele s vysokou G strunou. Vycházím z knihy „Dueta pro ukulele 1, 2 a 3 díl“.

Level: intermediate to advanced, who can play in unison according to tablature
Price: 350 CZK

3. Brian Doc. Policoff: Tired of up and down strumming (EN only)

Ever wonder how musicians transform everday songs into breezy island tunes? With this simple pluck and strum island tutorial you can add a swiss army knife technique to your musical repetoire. You will learn to play over one hundred reggae/island songs in less than an hour, guaranteed! Sound too good to be true?! Come see!

Level: All levels
Price: 350 CZK

Block 2  |  Saturday  11:45 – 12:45

1. Marcela Brožová: Absolutní začátečníci (pro dospělé i děti) (ČJ/AJ)

Take your first step to playing the ukulele and sign up for a beginner's workshop with Marcela.

Ukes can be borrowed:)
Price: 300 CZK

2. UkuleleZaza: Thumbs Up! (EN only)

In this brand new workshop Zaza will focus on techniques that make good use of the thumb. Some strums add colour to your playing with minimal effort, others create a groove, fast or slow.

Level: All levels
Price: 350 CZK

3. PPNOU (EN only)

The topic will be announced.


Block 3  |  11:00 – 12:00

1. Marcela Brožová: Play and sing (Czech or English)

This is a workshop for all ukulele players who like to sing when they play, and would like to know how to work with their voice and get a better awareness of both the voice and the ukulele. You will try simple and natural vocal exercises, and practice phrasing of specific songs, how to start and finish and how to connect the song and the ukulele.

Level: All levels
Price: 350 CZK

2. Mirek Tim Pátek: Walking bass lines on low G ukulele (Czech or English)

The workshop will cover the ways of enriching both the solo and group ukulele playing by bass notes and lines that would usually be heard from double bass or competent guitar player. We will find not only the main bass notes (the root and fifth of the chord) for most used chord shapes, but also the walking bass lines connecting the chords. Similarly to guitar players we will play also the chords together with the bass line (in the boom-chuck, boom-chuck rhythm) therefore also the effective fretting-hand fingering will be discussed. The participants will receive extensive printed handout with detailed explanation and numerous examples.

Level: Advanced
Price: 350 CZK

3. Ukulelezaza and Sage Harrington: Playing as a duo (EN only)

Level: All levels
Price: 350 CZK

Block 4  |  12:15 – 13:15

1. Marcela Brožová: Absolutní začátečníci (pro dospělé i děti) (ČJ/AJ)

Take your first step to playing the ukulele and sign up for a beginner's workshop with Marcela.

Ukes can be borrowed:)
Price: 300 CZK

2. Tiny Tall Tales – How to Yodel (EN only)

Anita from Tiny Tall tales has Yodelling in her genes. Open to all, learn to yodel in a group and on your own.

Level: All levels
Price: 350 CZK

3. Christopher Davis-Shannon: Loke Lani (EN only)

A workshop unlocking a beautiful Ernsest Ka’ai tune. We’ll learn three distinct right hand patterns from the first virtuoso ukulele players: Ernest K’ai. Learn to apply new rhythms as well as textures to this tiny instrument and walk away with an entire solo piece under your fingertips. In the process of learning this song by ear as it would have been traditionally passed down we will also build a strategy for easily learning and memorising songs.

Level: All levels
Price: 350 CZK

4. Les Poupees Gonflees: Poom Chack strumming (English/Fr only)

Les Poupées Gonflées five you a workshop to learn that famous swing comping inspired by the French swing gipsy guitarists of the post-war period in the spirit of Django Reinhardt’s; the “ Poom Chack” strumming that gives a marvellous swing ! You will work on the song “Swinging Belleville Rendez-vous” from the cartoon movie Les Triplettes de Belleville. The participants will be invited on stage to sing and play this song with Les Poupées Gonflées.

Price: 350 CZK

5. Barada Street (EN only)

Have fun with the Barada Street boys, Richard and Juri. What more can you do when you are playing the ukulele, learn it here!

Úroveň: Pro všechny
Price: 350 CZK

Vstupenky – předprodej začne 1. června 2024

The opening performances on Friday the 26h in Prague Vyšehrad at the bar „Na Hradbách“ will be entrance free..

Advance tickets are on sale until midnight 15th July 2024.

After that date, the tickets will be available to buy via website or at the festival, but for the full price.

One-day ticket: 490 Kč / 400 Kč*
   Od 16. 7.: 590 Kč / 450 Kč*

Weekend ticket: 890 Kč / 700 Kč*
   Od 16. 7.: 990 Kč / 750 Kč*

Family tickets, one-day:  1090 Kč**
   Od 16. 7.: 1290 Kč**

Family tickets, weekend:  1990 Kč**
   Od 16. 7.: 2190 Kč**

Children under the age of 10 and in the presence of a ticket holding adult have free admission.

Vstupné na workshopy je 350 Kč, workshop pro začátečníky 300 Kč.
Detailed info is at the page „Workshops“

*Card holding students up to the age of 26 and young people between the ages of 10–16 or holders of ZTP ZTP/P cards are eligible for the reduced price.

**Family ticket includes: 2 adults and 2 children up to 15 years (included)

Contact Us

Festival director

Ben Anderson

+420 602 267 684

Press & marketing

Tereza Novotná

+420 721 315 327

The festival happens every year in Únětice village close to Prague. Únětice Brewery. The festival is being run under the auspices of the Society for the Renewal of Únětice Culture, a non-profit organisation, reg No. 68378939.

You can reach us also via Facebook.

How to get to the festival

Kutná Hora

On Friday the 28th we take the festival to Kutná Hora for the second time. Situated in the park next to the glorious St Barbara abbey, we will present a varied program of concerts headed by The Prague Ukulele Band and 3 white ravens.

The best way to reach Kutná Hora from Prague is by train from Prague main station, purchase a ticket to Kutná Hora, Město and you change trains at Kutna Hora to the tiny train that will take you to the centre.

Direct trains leave from Prague station every two hours at: 10.06, 12.06, 14.06 etc. Trains back leave at 18.46, 20.30, and 22.34 , there is also a bus from Kutna Hora that takes you to the train at Kolin which leaves at 21.38. More information is available on: idos.cz.

Kutná Hora ukulele



Illustrated map of Únětice


Únětice is situated just outside of Prague and is a 15 minute drive from the airport.. If you are arriving by car from Prague, we recommend that you drive via Roztoky or Suchdol. From the airport or highway, we recommend to reach Únětice from the North. On the upper, northern side of Únětice there is plenty of available parking space, near the Sokolovna pub and in the housing development Svaty Jan above the pub. Please be considerate to the residents and do not block access to houses and garages.


Public transport

Public transport in Prague is usually easy and efficient.

Local bus timetable is available here..

The last bus from Únětice to Dejvická metro station leaves at 23.29. Make sure you don't miss it!

On the festival days, we will have extra public transport links available, especially the last buses to Horoměřice and Prague. If you are in accommodation in Suchdol, you can catch a 147 or 107 bus towards Prague and get off at Podbaba where you can catch the 355 to Horoměřice.

From Prague there is a bus line 355 going to Únětice.
Name of that bus station is Horoměřická.


Při cestování po Praze zpravidla vybíráte jízdenku na 30 minut za 30,- Kč nebo jízdenku na 90 minut za 40,- Kč. Jízdenky zakoupíte na všech stanicích metra. Únětice ale jsou mimo Prahu, proto tato jízdenka není dostatečná. Máte v zásadě dvě možnosti:

→ Rovnou si koupit kombinovanou jízdenku za 50,- Kč, která platí po Praze i do Únětic (doporučeno)
→ Jestli už máte zakoupenou jízdenku po Praze, musíte u řidiče autobusu doplatit 20,- Kč. Hlídejte si čas, cesta busem trvá cca 22 minut.

Keep your tickets with you as the fines are nasty.


Nedoporučujeme Vám chytit si taxi na ulici. Lepší je se s nimi dopředu telefonicky spojit. Běžně užívám AAA taxi, číslo na jejich dispečing je: 14014.

Prices for MHD to the festival:

If you have a Prague pass, the extra cost to get to Únětice is 20 CZK each way, and you can pay the driver of the 355 bus. In Prague, single ticket for 30 minutes cost 30 ,- CZK and for 90minutes the cost is 40 CZK.

Emergency numbers

Fire - 150
Medical Emergency (Ambulance/First Aid) - 155
Prague City Police - 156
Police - 158


VThere is limited accommodation available directly in the village, and most is reserved for the performers.


There will be a small basic camp site available in a garden close to the festival site, the camp site has a port-a-loo and a wash station but no showers. The exact location will be shown on the festival map.

Hotel Modrá Stodola

We have agreed excellent terms for festival goers at the Hotel Modrá Stodola. Modrá stodola v Horoměřicích. This village is just 2 km from where the festival takes place in Únětice and there is a direct bus link.

Penzion U Nováků

We can also recommend Penzion U Novákůover the hill in Roztoky. Unfortunatelly no direct bus, but a 40 minute walk from the festival or a short car ride.

Other local hotels:
Hotel Carl Inn – Suchdol
Pension Jasoň – Velké Přílepy

Budget variant

You can stay in the Czech University of Life Sciences Halls of Residence..
Of course, if you want to combine the festival with a stay in the beautiful city of Prague, there are hundreds of hotels throughout the city and the festival site is easily accessible by public transport. You can also choose Airbnb.


The Central Bohemian region has been our partner since 2016, and we are very grateful for that.

Media partners

Thanks to sponsors

An event such as ours is not possible to put on without sponsorship from our partners. Whether they help financially or just donate something to the raffle. They are all valued partners and we say thank you.!

Main sponsors

Enya Music
Big thank you to our main festival partner.

Taiwan Ministry of Culture - The Ministry of Culture (文化部)
We are proud to have received support from this important institution this year.

The Central Bohemian region
The Central Bohemian region is our partner since 2016, and we are very grateful to the region for that.

The Village of Únětice
We would like to thank the local authority for their support (and in some cases tolerance) of the project.

Kutná Hora
Děkujeme městu Kutná Hora za jejich pžízeň a podporu.

Letiště Praha
Velmi nás těší a jsme vděčni za podporu Letišti Praha.

Brüko Ukuleles
Každoročně nám německý výrobce ukulelí daruje do tomboly ručně vyráběné ukulele.

Philip Morris ČR
Děkujeme firmě Philip Moris za jejich podporu.

Ohana Music
Vynikající kalifornský výrobce ukulelí, který nám do tomboly daruje svá ručně vyráběná ukulele.

Kaloha & Gute Ukulele
Musíme poděkovat těmto vynijakícím organizacím za vstčícnost a poděkovat jim.

Únětický Pivovar – Brewery
The brewery has enthusiastically served as the host for the festival and also contributes food and drink for the performers, and have supported the project since its inception.

U Parlamentu
We would like to thank the owners of the restaurant U Parlamentu in Kaprova street, Prague 1 for their financial support for the third year running. When in the centre, a good place for a beer and a meal.

Society for the Renewal of Únětice Culture
The local village cultural society is the umbrella association for the event.

Děkujeme týdenníku Respekt za jejich podporu

The only specialist ukulele outlet in the country has donated a couple of instruments to the raffle.

Risa Musical Instruments
Rick Sauer from Risa in Germany will be donating a couple of his Koki´o ukulelel to the raffle.

Prague Music Center
Děkujeme Pražsému Music Centru (Henry’s strings) za letoší podporu.

Flight Ukuleles
Naši slovinští přátelé darovali pár ukulelí do tomboly.

Expats.cz and Howlings company
We truly thank Howlings company for the needed marketing support of the festival on the server Expats.cz.