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Feng E

He was the first Taiwanese to break into the Asia's Got Talent finals and with his unique playing style, he made it to the semi-finals of America's Got Talent..

His playing style broke the traditional impression of the ukulele and his rock ukulele style not only attracted global audiences, but also led legendary music producer David Foster to press the golden buzzer, and attracted the attention of the well-known American TV show, The Ellen Show, inviting him to appear twice.

During the pandemic, America’s Got Talent recorded a show in Taiwan for the first time ever, specifically for him. He chose to use an electronic float and the Songshan Fengtian Temple as the stageto combine his music with Taiwan's traditional culture, spreading it worldwide through America's Got Talent.

Feng E not only conquered various competitions, but also performed in the United States, Britain, Hawaii, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, mainland China, and other places. He also attracted invitations from artists such as Mayday, Jam Hsiao, Ella Chen, Cheer Chen, and Jiajia to collaborate. And this year he will perform in Europe for the first time, at our festival.

From music playing to pop music, he even performed with American guitar master Tommy Emmanuel when he came to Taiwan. Feng E has released his first personal creative album "Silence in the Storm" and the EP "14", not only composing all the lyrics and music for the entire album, but also playing the ukulele, guitar, electric guitar, and singing himself, and demonstrating his all-around musical talent. Currently, he's about to release his cover album.

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