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Ukulele Solo at Korean Ukulele Festival

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David Chen

The President of China International Ukulele Association
Alibaba Group Ukulele Instructor

Education Background

- Music Technology in York University in UK, MSc.

- Distributed Multimedia in Leeds University in UK, MSc.

Published Books

24 Ukulele Lessons for the Beginner (The First Chinese Ukulele Tutorial Book )

- Traditional Hawaiian Two Finger Style

- Ukulele English Song Books for Kids (Level 1 – Level 3)

- Ukulele Certificate Books (Level 1 to Level 8) (For Instrumental)

- Ukulele Certificate Books (Level 1 to Level 8) (For Singing)

Released CD

Ukulele Solo


- Hape Ukulele (Germany)

- Kinnard Ukulele (US)

The Ukulele – A gift from God

Ukulele Music Therapy

In 2008, David Chen was still an engineer, after being an engineer for nearly 10 years, he had lost his passion in work. One day, David prayed to God to give him passion on work.

One month’s later; his doctor asked David whether he is interested in doing music therapy. With that job, David was really excited for working with those autisms. Meanwhile he had been looking for the instrument which is easy and can be played and sang.

One day, he found ukulele. David recalled that one of the very special cases in the music therapy is that a boy aged 4, who was with slightly autism. When he held ukulele the first time, he started to move his body and keep singing, his mother came to me with tears in the end of the course, and said “My son was not able to speak but she heard his singing”.

After working with ukulele for a while, I firmly believe that ukulele has the power of healing because it gives kids happiness and confidence.

As a part-time ukulele teacher and music therapist for one more years, I have decided to quit my engineer job and became as a full time ukulele teacher. After one year, I released my first ukulele tutor book, it’s also the first ukulele book in Taiwan and China. Since then, I was invited to China to promote ukulele.

Go to Hawaii to learn ukulele

In order to learn more about ukulele, I have decided to go to Hawaii, I attended most of the ukulele activities such as ukulele festival, ukulele picnic, and also tried to find good ukulele teachers. Gradually, I made many ukulele friends in Hawaii. In March of 2012, I met Kimo Hussey in Hawaii Ukulele Picnic, I was really fascinated by his unique two-finger style. In the same year, I invited Kimo to come to Taiwan to attend Taiwan Ukulele Festival and also did 5 workshops and concerts around Taiwan, and it turned out to have more than 600 people in Kimo’s workshop. I have been following Kimo to different countries such as Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Korea to learn the teaching methodology.

Taiwan Ukulele Festival

So far, we have hold 12 Taiwan Ukulele Festivals, an the event grows each year, The festival became more international and also we co-worked with those ukulele promoters internationally.

Ukulele has changed people’s lives

In the past few years, we have built an ukulele certificate system and trained hundreds of teachers and thousands of students in Taiwan and China, also we went to the mountains and Jail to teach kids with financial problems. We can see a lot of positive change in them, they became happier and more confidence. I feel so blessed to find ukulele.