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Ken Middleton

Ken has been part of the ukulele scene for nearly 15 years and is well-known both as an educator and player. In that time he has taught workshops and performed at a great many key festivals, both in Europe and North America. Ken enjoys composing and arranging for the ukulele and has written several books of music, as well as numerous individual arrangements.

Ken’s early career was as a high school music teacher in the UK. In this role he taught music up to Advanced Level. After retiring from classroom teaching, Ken started working for Ohana Ukuleles, a well-respected American company based in Long Beach, California. He worked in this role until forming his own ukulele string company. Living Water Strings has become extremely successful and now occupies much of his time.

Performing with other musicians is something Ken loves to do. Over the years he has shared the stage or recorded with many of the world’s best ukulele players. He has a wonderful ability to bring individual players together and lead in the performance of something that is both exciting and unexpected.

Hopefully this will happen at this festival.

Suzanne by Leonard Cohen (cover)

PLAYS: 24.–26.7.

Workshop: 25. & 26. 7.


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