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The band uKúže was formed from the ranks of the Únětice women's club Kúže (Club of Únětice Women) in 2015, when after the third Ukulele Festival, four women started to learn to play the soprano ukulele. In 2016, Ben Anderson invited them to the stage to demonstrate to the large ukulele family that, apart from Hawaii, Únětice has the largest percentage of ukulele playing population in the world.

Since then, uKúže have been appearing regularly at the Únětice Ukulele Festival, but with additional instruments. The bass uke was added, then the guitar, violin, djembe, banjolele, harmonica and saxophone. Thanks to this uKúže gained singers, ideas and experience. These had to be utilized and uKúže started to perform more frequently and outside Únětice. And what sort of music uKúže do play? They mainly play what they like. Come and hear them at this year's Ukulele Festival 2024. They perform on Friday at Vyšehrad.

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