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Marcela Brožová

Marcela is a ukulele player, singer, and a recognized ukulele teacher. She delivers lectures for beginners and intermediate players, both adults and children, for the general public and for teachers.

She organizes workshops and concerts in cooperation with city cultural centers in the Czech Republic and abroad (2023, Bavaria, Germany), and promotes the ukulele in several jazz clubs in Prague through regular jam sessions.

She first encountered the ukulele during her studies in Pilsen and was immediately captivated by it. As a singer, she has explored many music genres and projects, and she effectively incorporates this experience when playing the ukulele, both in concerts and lectures. Her repertoire consists mostly of distinctive interpretations of jazz standards, mixed with vocal improvisation, and she often imitates the sound of trumpets or trombones. She collaborates with the Czech Ukulele Institute and co-authored the Czech learning book Ukulele Step by Step with Ben Anderson. Currently, she is preparing a narrated concert called The Ukulele Journey from Hawaii to Us. Cesta ukulele z Havaje až k nám.

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