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The 10th Czech Ukulele Festival will take place, yes it will!

This year, the Czech Ukulele Festival will take place between Friday the 29th and Saturday 30th of July at Únětice breweryWe did manage to hold the festival in 2020 and 2021, but on a much smaller scale and without the great variation which we usually achieve by inviting many performers from around the world. However, as this is our 10th anniversary, we decided to keep it small and concentrated with a select cast of great performers.

The 2022 festival will be concentrating on a colorful, cheerful and accessible event, as everyone has had a difficult and challenging two years, we want to give everyone something to smile about, to laugh and to dance while listening to great and varied music ..

Many of the visitors welcome the chance to play to an audience on an open mic, but we never have enough time. So on the Friday 29th we will have an open mic and play-along evening with some special performances from old friends like Vlas Procházka and U-Kúže.

On Saturday there will ba wide range of workshops and stall selling various instruments. Workshops will range from children´s and beginners to master classes of advanced techniques.

Since the first festival in August 2013, the Czech Ukulele festival has built a reputation of being the most inclusive and open festival of its kind in Europe, and arguably the most enjoyable in the world. We have striven to present performers and ideas from as many parts of the world as possible and represent a wide range of age and social groups, with a special interest in supporting young players and encouraging children to play. We aim to encourage men and women, young and old, not only to take up the instrument but to actively play to audiences as individuals and members of ensembles.

Among the performers this year will be musicians and our great friends: PPNOU from Poland, Dead Mans Uke from the UK & Ukulelezaza from Belgium. Welcome visitors include the Uppsala Ukulikes from Sweden, Albini Donelli Duo from Italy, McShane & Shaw from Canada and Great Britain and ukulele maestro David Chen from Taiwan. People come from all over the globe to experience the festival, in 2017 we counted 25 different nationalities, however, we aim to attract more Czech nationals on both sides of the stage and local old age pensioners have free admission to the festival. Of the expected 400–500 people for the main festival we expect the demographic to be cca. 70% Czech.

Program & performers

Friday 2022 / 7 / 29

16.00 Meeting & play-along

17.00 Open Mic

18.00 Vlas Procházka & David Chen (CZ & Taiwan)

19.00 Open Mic

19.45 U-Kúže (CZ)

20.40 20.40 Play along with Konczal (PPNOU) and UkuleleZaza (BE)and the massive one-song workshop for the Grand Finale

21.15 Open Mic

22.00+ Jamování s profesionály

Special Guest: Lenny Ragdevil & Jake – World premier

Saturday 2022 / 7 / 30

Full program of workshops

13.00 Official opening

13.15 Ecce Uku (CZ)

14:00 The Uppsala Ukulikes (SWE)

15:00 Albini Donelli Duo (IT)

16.00 The Lava Birds (ESP)

17.00 Raffle

18:00 McShane & Shaw (GB & CA)

19:00 UkuleleZaza (BE)

20:00 Dead Mans Uke (GB)

21:00 PPNOU (PL)

Grand finale + Jam and fun


Please note, that apart from the absolute beginners workshops, you will be expected to bring your own instrument to play at the workshops, or tell us in advance.

Block 1  |  Saturday  10:30 – 11:30

1. Davide Donelli (IT) - "Creative approaches to traditional Hawaiian tunes"

Hawaiian traditional songs are usually made of a simple tune repeated more and more times. The appeal and charme of these fascinating songs are beyond question, but how can I play them without boring repetitions? How can I create my personal variations respecting the original style of this repertoire?

Level: Intermediate and better
Price: 300 CZK

2. Chris McShane – Play Classic Rock n Roll on the Ukulele

Learn about the right-hand techniques and alternating chords that make Rock n Roll songs sound great. Suitable for all players

Level: Everyone except absolute beginners
Price: 300 CZK

3. Dead Mans Uke (UK) – Under the Covers: Naučte se vytvořit cover verzi, která je jedinečně vaše! Learn to craft a cover version that’s uniquely yours! 

What song to choose? How to arrange it? Does it have to be like the original? If you're singing at an open mic or planning a world tour - Don't Panic. Dead Mans Uke are here to solve your cover version problems in this handy workshop.

Level: Intermediate and better
Price: 300 CZK

4. Ralph Shaw's Ukulele Songshop – 1960's (CA)

The great music of the 1960s provides the material for this workshop. Think of Burt Bacharach, Roy Orbison, the Beatles, Dusty Springfield and more. Every song is handpicked as a means for teaching techniques and strumming styles. And you'll pick up some groovy new repertoire along the way!

Level: Intermediate and better
Price: 300 CZK

Block 2  |  Saturday  11:45 – 12:45

1. Marcela Brožová (CZ) 

Absolute beginners for both adults and children. If you need ukulele, we will happily lend you one.

Price: 225 CZK

2. Lava Birds (ESP) – Know your Chords: a deep dive into 7th chords from some shapes you already know’

Apparently, the great Roy Smeck used to always remind his students “know your chords!” But he didn’t just mean chord shapes and names, he meant how a chord is made up and how you can manipulate them. In this workshop we will look at 4 common 7th chord shapes (that you probably already know), how each shape is built as well as how they can help to unlock your fretboard and help you to understand a whole host of other chord types and extensions as well.. We will also put this into context with a song at the end of the workshop .

Level: Advanced
Prerequisites: Know some common 7th chord shapes and be comfortable playing barre chords.

Price: 300 CZK

3. Zaza (BE) – Fan of the fan

The fan stroke is both rhythmically and visually appealing. It’s one of those strums that make you wonder: what on earth is going on here? Well, that’s precisely what Zaza will break down in this workshop. You’ll learn the basic fan stroke and several variations, and a cool tune to practise your new technique on. Cats, dogs, neighbours: prepare to be impressed.

Level: Confident beginner and up
Price: 300 CZK

4.  Giovanni Albini (IT) – "Ukulele Arranging - Myths and Tricks"

The workshop is for musicians who wish to learn how to knowingly and effectively transcribe/arrange music for the ukulele, at any level of proficiency they have of the instrument and regardless of styles and performing techniques. Some relevant issues about ukulele arranging will be tackled so to reveal the most effective tricks and to break down false myths.

Level: Intermediate and better
Price: 300 CZK

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Songbook 2022

Download the Songbook

Tickets — pre-sale started

The tickets will be also available to buy at the festival, but we prefer online pre-sales, which are cheaper too.

Friday: 200,- CZK / 100,- CZK
Saturday: 450 CZK / discounted 350,- CZK
Friday & Saturday: 600 CZK / discounted 500 CZK
Family tickets – Friday 500 CZK / Saturday 1.150 CZK / Friday & Saturday: 1.350,-

Discounted tickets: The following are entitled to discounted admission: ZTP, ZTP / P, children up to 15 years (inclusive) and students with a student card.

Family ticketsvalid for 2 adults and 2 children up to 15 years old.

The workshop prices range from 225 to 300 CZK. Details can be found in section Workshops.

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Contact Us

Festival director

Ben Anderson

+420 602 267 684

Press & marketing

Tereza Novotná

+420 721 315 327

ICT production

Dan Šilhavý

+420 608 731 222

The festival happens every year in Únětice village close to Prague. Únětice brewery. The festival is being run under the auspices of the Society for the Renewal of Únětice Culture, a non-profit organisation, reg No. 68378939.

You can reach us also via Facebook.

How to get to the festival

Illustrated map of Únětice


Únětice is situated just outside of Prague and is a 15 minute drive from the airport.. If you are arriving by car from Prague, we recommend that you drive via Roztoky or Suchdol. From the airport or highway, we recommend to reach Únětice from the North. On the upper, northern side of Únětice there is plenty of available parking space, near the Sokolovna pub and in the housing development Svaty Jan above the pub. Please be considerate to the residents and do not block access to houses and garages.


Public transport

Public transport in Prague is usually easy and efficient.

Local bus timetable is available here..

The last bus from Únětice to Dejvická metro station leaves at 23.29. Make sure you don't miss it!

On the festival days, we will have extra public transport links available, especially the last buses to Horoměřice and Prague. If you are in accommodation in Suchdol, you can catch a 147 or 107 bus towards Prague and get off at Podbaba where you can catch the 355 to Horoměřice.

From Prague there is a bus line 355 going to Únětice.
Name of that bus station is Horoměřická.


When travelling in Prague, you usually choose between 30 minutes ticket for 24 CZK and 90 minutes ticket for 32 CZK. You can buy tickets in all metro stations. Únětice are just outside of Prague and these tickets are not sufficient. You have basically two possibilities:

→ Buy a combined ticket for Prague and Únětice valid for 90 minutes for 40 CZK (recommended), or
→ With a valid Prague ticket, pay additional surcharge 12 CZK to the bus driver. Be careful about the ticket validity. The bus drive from Dejvická to Únětice takes approx. 22 minutes.

Keep your tickets with you as the fines are nasty.


It is not advisable to catch a taxi on the street, call one, I normally use AAA taxis, their dispatching no. is: 14014 and they speak English. Companies such as Uber and Bolt work quite well in and around Prague. 14014.

Emergency numbers

Fire - 150
Medical Emergency (Ambulance/First Aid) - 155
Prague City Police - 156
Police - 158


VThere is limited accommodation available directly in the village, and most is reserved for the performers.


There will be a small basic camp site available in a garden close to the festival site, the camp site has a port-a-loo and a wash station but no showers. The exact location will be shown on the festival map.

Hotel Modrá Stodola

We have agreed excellent terms for festival goers at the Hotel Modrá Stodola. Modrá stodola v Horoměřicích. This village is just 2 km from where the festival takes place in Únětice and there is a direct bus link.

Penzion U Nováků

We can also recommend Penzion U Novákůover the hill in Roztoky. Unfortunatelly no direct bus, but a 40 minute walk from the festival or a short car ride.

Other local hotels:
Hotel Carl Inn – Suchdol
Pension Jasoň – Velké Přílepy

Budget variant

You can stay in the Czech University of Life Sciences Halls of Residence..
Of course, if you want to combine the festival with a stay in the beautiful city of Prague, there are hundreds of hotels throughout the city and the festival site is easily accessible by public transport. You can also choose Airbnb.

Reports & news

  • Photoreport 2019

    Dear UKE Friends, via this official PHOTOREPORT done by Andrea Vasakova Photography you can refresh your memories how awesome was....


Media partners

Thanks to sponsors

An event such as ours is not possible to put on without sponsorship from our partners. Whether they help financially or just donate something to the raffle. They are all valued partners and we say thank you.!

Main sponsors

Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic

Jsme hrdí, že jsme opět získali podporu Ministerstva kultury České republiky.

The Central Bohemian region

The administration the Central Bohemian Region has elected to partially financially support the festival

Kala Brand Music Co.

The Kala ukulele company from the USA through their distributor Warwick GmbH & Co. Music Equipment KG, has donated financial support for the 6th year in a row to encourage new players.

Únětický Pivovar – Brewery

The brewery has enthusiastically served as the host for the festival and also contributes food and drink for the performers, and have supported the project since its inception.

U Parlamentu

We would like to thank the owners of the restaurant U Parlamentu in Kaprova street, Prague 1 for their financial support for the third year running. When in the centre, a good place for a beer and a meal.

Mr Nick Kirke

We would like to thank Nick for his support for the first festival, without which it would not have been possible. He understood the true meaning of cultural support, a big heart and pure philanthropy.


This local company headed by Mr. Jan Racz has provided every festival with  the stage gantry and lighting free of charge.

The Village of Únětice

We would like to thank the local authority for their support (and in some cases tolerance) of the project.

Aquila Corde

For the fourth year, our Italian friends will donate strings and an instrument to the raffle.

Mercatino dell´ Ukulele

Our Italian friends have for the fourth time donated two instruments to the festival raffle.


The only specialist ukulele outlet in the country has donated a couple of instruments to the raffle.

Risa Musical Instruments

Rick Sauer from Risa in Germany will be donating a couple of his Koki´o ukulelel to the raffle.

Brüko Ukuleles

Každoročně nám německý výrobce ukulelí daruje do tomboly ručně vyráběné ukulele.

Flight Ukuleles

Naši slovinští přátelé darovali pár ukulelí do tomboly.

Society for the Renewal of Únětice Culture

The local village cultural society is the umbrella association for the event.

Expats.cz and Howlings company

We truly thank Howlings company for the needed marketing support of the festival on the server Expats.cz.

Modrá Stodola

Our neighbours in the village of Horoměřice have supported the festival by giving favourable rates to players and the festival goers.