As always, our contributors will provide a wide selection of workshops from beginner level to master classes. Something for everyone. It is possible to borrow a ukulele for the beginners workshop. You are expected to bring your own for other workshops.

Two blocks are planned for Saturday and two for Sunday.


Saturday 28.07.2018 10:15 (Block 1)

Gerald Ross

You don´t need to learn all those chords

One look at the number of chords typically found in a ukulele chord dictionary is enough to make anyone want to throw in the towel and quit. It looks like thousands! Do you really need to learn all those chords? The answer is a definite no! But if you don’t learn all the chords how will you play in all the keys? How will you quickly play an A flat chord, a C sharp minor or a B minor? And what if the singer decides to sing in the key of E flat?
Closed position chords to the rescue. These easily fingered “chord shapes” are the chameleon chords of the ukulele.

Confident beginner to intermediate, 325 CZK

Marcela Brožová

Absolute beginners, adults and children

A workshop for those who have never played the ukulele or have just started. We will provide ukuleles for this workshop if you do not have one. Czech and English.

Beginners, 250 CZK

Zee Avi

The Four Magic Chords

Learn how to play the Ukelele in minutes as you progress from level 1-4 with these "Four Magic Chords".
Discover this is all you need to know to jam your classic favorites, anytime, anywhere!

Beginners and everyone who is curious, 325 CZK

Andy Eastwood

Focus on Formby

Andy Eastwood lifts the lid on the famous syncopated style of George Formby, unravelling the complexities of the 'split stroke', the 'triple' and the 'fan'.
Whether or not you wish to play the songs of the Lancashire legend, this is an informative masterclass to enhance your rhythmic technique! For intermediate to experienced players, ukes and banjoleles welcome!

Intermediate and advanced, 325 CZK

Saturday 28.07.2018 11:30 (Block 2)

Peter Moss

A rock & roll fun shop

4 classic rock and roll tunes in 4 different keys and with 2 part vocals

Advanced beginners, 325 CZK

Mersey Belles

The Mersey Belles experience

A fun and exciting vocal and performance workshops.
We will take you on a journey through our expertise and knowledge and make you smile, feel confident and excited about music. Vocal exercises, Breathing techniques, Harmonies, Melody, Song Arranging, Composition, Stage Presence, Performance Techniques, Team building and most importantly having FUN.
We want to spread the love of what we do and invite you to join us at the end of the session to perform with us.

Advanced beginner to intermediate, 325 CZK

Jody Kamisato

To be announced

The workshop details will be added soon

Difficulty level will be added soon, 325 CZK

Sam Brown

Ace of Spades

This workshop will show you how to add this classic rocker to your repertoir, how to play, how to embelish and how to use the dynamics to great effect for the ultimate heavy metal uke performance.

Beginner to intermediate, 325 CZK


Sunday 29.07.2018 10:30 (Block 3)

Gerald Ross

Swing it Baby

The 1930s and 40s were a magical time in the history of popular music. Swing was mainstream. The ukulele was made for swing music! Any uke song can swing and sound jazzy. It's easy to make your instrumental accompaniment more interesting through chord substitutions and strumming patterns. The material covered in this class isnot exclusive to the jazz/swing world, it can be used for all styles of music. No music theory needed. no music reading required. No knuckle-busting chord shapes to learn. Just fun! A concert or tenor sized uke tuned GCEA is recommended.

Confident beginner to intermediate, 325 CZK

Andy Eastwood

Make me Musical

So you've learnt the right notes in the right order... what next?
In this workshop we look at the skills of musicianship and musicality, introducing ear training exercises, developing musical memory and devising practice techniques that really work. The aim is to stop staring at those chord sheets and start thinking like a musician!

Intermediate, 325 CZK

Les Poupées Gonflées

Calypso Workshop for Beginners

Few chords, great tunes, sweet melodies, let’s go for the Calypso tour! Valérie and Bebop conduct the instrumental ukulele workshop, Jujubi the singing (two voices) workshop, at the end you can sing and play in three languages (French, English, Spanish) some easy famous calypsos. Couleur Café/Color Café, Coconut Water, Rum and coca-cola, Banana Boat Song, Is like so,…

Beginners, 325 CZK

Marcela Brožová

Absolute beginners, adults and children

A workshop for those who have never played the ukulele or have just started. We will provide ukuleles for this workshop if you do not have one. Czech and English.

Beginners, 250 CZK

Sunday 29.07.2018 11:45 (Block 4)

Elisabeth Pfeiffer

Blues basics

Learn to play the blues on the ukulele.

Beginner to intermediate, 325 CZK

Tricity Vogue

Taking the stage

And in 2018 I will begin teaching a course called "Taking The Stage" which is about developing performance skills, and connecting with an audience, to help people conquer stage fright, and learn some techniques for presenting themselves and their material on stage. It's intended for people who want to start performing on open mics or in cabarets, but would like to boost their confidence and get some tips first.

Beginner to intermediate, 325 CZK

Bad Mouse Orchestra

All those great tricks

Are you tired of spending hours and hours learning finger-breaking melodies on your uke, complicated picking patterns and extravagant strums? There is a much easier way to impress your friends! Roy Smeck was an expert in showing-off, and he developed many techniques to stun the eyes of his listeners. He throws his uke through the air, turns it, flips it, blows in it and creates sounds nobody can figure out where they came from. Now you can learn these techniques to spice-up your uke performance!

All levels, 325 CZK

Peter Moss

An introduction to Playing melody

Either utilising the tune “Whispering” OR "Bye Bye Blues.” Whether you are new to playing melody or wishing to add to your repertoire, this is for you.

Advanced beginners and intermediate. 325 CZK